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    Wang Peng:Company founder everyone health,The general manager,The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine health management division,Genetic health guidance,The company belongs to《National institutes of health》The director,Wang Geng guo:Graduated from the health school,The family of traditional Chinese medicine,General practitioners,Everybody health company directors,National institutes of health Deputy director of the,Fang Yu

  • Enterprise or business solutions

  • Enterprise or business solutions

     In recent years,Social media reports enterprise employees“Karoshi”,Sudden death,Even there is no lack of to commit suicide way to end his life tragedy。The employee's health and mental health。 About a recently“Health management

  • Enterprise facing health problems

The general manager


Respect of tongcheng city government departments at all levels of leadership、Fellows in brothers and sisters、Foreign residence within the territory of tongcheng city celebrities and business elite、Cultural education system and the students、Children and teenagers are thriving、Struggle in a long distance from and brilliant career of tongcheng bosses!Hi, everybody!

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  Tongcheng city everyone health management services co., LTD., located in the north island to the city traffic lights with kang road no. 1 floor office building(On the third floor、On the fourth floor),The neighbours Long Mian taiping township streets,Right neighbours large-scale comprehensive service center first car,South is opposite the earl business hotel,Peripheral vision to an empty parking lot,West extension in tongcheng city centralized and prosperous and flourishing market(Set furniture building materials hardware and so on commercial zone)!

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The national health lifestyle action plan(2017-2025Years)

The national health lifestyle action plan(2017-2025Years)03-31

   The national health lifestyle action plan(2017-2025Years)For the implementation of the national health and health conference spirit,According to the national economic and social development in the thirteenth five-year plan“Advocate a healthy lifestyle”Spirit...

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