OpenSNSOpen-source social system

A yes“Identity”Open source for freeSNSThe social system。Contains the microblog、Information、Activities、BBS、The album、Integral mall、Group、Top-up center、Question and answer、Classified information、Micro store module, etc,Can quickly build social networking site for our customers。

OpenCenterOpen source users and background management system

Derived fromOpenSNS V2,Develop faster,A lower cost,To followThinkPHPOpen source licenses,Allows developers to secondary development and distribute again in the form of new products。

OSSDKA circle(OpenSNS-SDK)

OSSDKA circle is a professional social networking tools,OSSDKHelp your website to increase social comment function module,Through a circle you can Independent operation of your product information,To realize social import of users,Increase user viscosity and traffic。A circle,Light to the extreme social cloud service Services,60Minutes easy for your application to join a circle of friends。

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