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My company was founded in2019Years02Month28Day,Registered in shandong liaocheng dongchangfu phoenix industrial park, fumin road8Number,Scope of business is a guardrail processing、Sales(Subject to approval in accordance with the project,By the related department approval to operate),Mainly engaged in bridge guardrail,Crash barrier,Stainless steel guardrail,Landscape fence,A guardrail,Light barrier, etc,The registered capital1000Wan。Company is located in shandong liaocheng the huaihe river road in the zone19Number,Anti-collision facilities in the industry well-known private companies。As a professional bridge guardrail processing in shandong(Sales)The company,The company USES the excellent network technology and strict management system,Adhere to“Let customer satisfaction,Profit for our customers”For the purpose of the service,To serve our customers heart and soul。

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