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  • 0619-05

    Rooftop helipads gossip

    Design of transaction must be meet the relevant building codes。Secondly we have to study before the design owner of the building drawings。Many don't understand this

    Actually the apron part system configuration can be optimized,Do you want to know

    The original drawing configuration only a control cabinet,Every time I use to send in advance operation is extremely convenient,We can provide a set ofVHFThe controller,From the transaction30

    The five benefits of building roof heliport

    Helicopter ping value appreciation for high-rise building roof,Become a local landmark;To provide the customer's personal safety protection;To provide customers with business flight

    On the tarmacVHFWhat it is

    Professionals in the field of the apron applicationVHFCommunication technologies,To develop the unattended(VHF)The control system,Unattended(VHF)Control
    Guangdong boda airport construction industrial co., LTD. Founded boda industrial is a by the civil aviation domestic senior personage construction company founded by a professional apron,The company registered capital5888Wan,The company has a professional research and development、Design and construction team,Engineering and technical personnel has a wealth of civil aviation airport,General aviation airport construction experience,Can provide customers with location survey、Design、Lighting products、The construction、Acceptance of civil aviation and so on a series of services,Is a Chinese helicopter ping area fully equipped with the latest product varieties and series、Highly competitive and influential companies。Guangdong boda airport construction industrial co., LTD. Is a collection of helicopter pad design construction、Aviation obstruction light、Heliport a full set of equipment、Sliding guide sign airport navigation equipment such as product research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises。With the helicopter in the position in national economy and national defense construction is increasing day by day,The prosperity of utilities will inevitably lead to the development of the helicopter industry,At the same time, the development of the helicopter industry can also promote the progress of public utilities。Through domestic helicopter in the concrete application of public utilities,Develop civil helicopter domestic market,From different fields、Use value and application of different angles to promote domestic helicopter performance,Purport for the development of helicopter utilities to build platform of exchanges and cooperation。To be able to professional practices to help you to build a helicopter(Ping),I the company has a professional elite team。The universality of our service,Relevant laws and regulations knowledge reserves,Deep understanding of specific operation,Help us to better serve users,Fully meet the needs of users。
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