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    Kazuki energy-saving glass co., LTD., established in hainan province2016Years,Located in haikou city administrative district town ever-flowing,Covers an area of30m。Is one of the large glass deep processing enterprise of hainan province,The company has a group of glass deep processing of professional and technical personnel and a seasoned management team,Specializing in building energy efficiency safety glass production。The company introduces advanced glass processing equipment at home and abroad:Automatic slicing line、Steel production line、Hollow the production line、Nip glue production line,Possess advanced glass processing technology and finishing professional level。The production and business operation:LOW-EThe glass、Toughened glass、Insulating glass、Curved glass steel、Laminated glass、The raw wholesale、Do processing, etc...
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Introduction to fire glass curtain wallIntroduction to fire glass curtain wall

With the development of the society,A city of tall buildings increases year by year。Most of the high-rise buildings in order to beautify the building facade and use of glass curtain wall。Glass curtain wall has the obvious superiority on exterior wall decoration and can relieve the structure of the building load,Glass curtain wall is a combination of architecture at the same time、Aesthetic structure design,A variety of functions of the glass is also demonstrated。Such as the permeability of glass curtain wall,Through the glass eye reached new heights,Vision also greatly expanded,The building internal and external environment... [Detailed content]