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Xuzhou calderon factory of agricultural irrigation irrigation equipment co., LTD-Enterprises directly under ministry of water resources,Specializing in the production of sprinkler,Special sprinkler nozzle,Coal mine dust removal equipment,50PYCNozzle,50PYCSpray gun,Swing arm spray gun,Dusting spray gun,Volume disc sprinkler,JP75Sprinkler,JP50Sprinkler,Sprinkler accessories,Sprinkler accessories。Combining scientific research、Development、Design、Manufacturing installation、Service in the integration of large enterprise groups。 The company covers an area of10Million square meters,The construction area6Million square meters;Existing staff80More than,Engineering and technical personnel20More than(One of them:Senior technical staff10More than);The main production equipment80…

Xuzhou calderon irrigation equipment co., LTD
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