WangMeng information technology co., LTD(WangMengIT)In2012Years3Founded in ancient capital of anyang,After several years development,Has now grown into a setIT、The Internet technology、Web site/Electrical contractor/WeChat/APPOperations、Data analysis、Education consulting service in a body's north brand enterprises。

 Anyang WangMeng information technology co., LTD(WangMengIT)Its website promotion center、WeChat operations center、Electric business schools, and other business groups,As a veteran in anyang region of website construction、Promotion of leading service provider,North brand network technology co., LTD,Service of website construction、Network promotion、Web hosting、Site optimization、The entire network marketing system、Mobile web site、Micro sites、WeChat operations、Data analysis、E-commerce solutions, such as omni-directional informationization、Network construction operations solutions。Founder WangMeng decade focused on Internet industry,Is put forward“Focus on products for professional,Union resources to integration”The advanced idea,Lead the WangMengChange in the stick,Innovation in earnest,Efficient management by modern enterprise management,Focus on products and constant innovation,Play their own advantages、Integration of industry resources,Service users in anyang and the surrounding area,Help enterprises to the Internet+Development

 WangMeng information technology co., LTDHaving a rich experience in the industry、Creative and young team,Employees worked at large software companies、Internet company、Electricity companies、Consultancy, etc,Participated in many large projects。Anyang WangMeng is258Group partners、Easy to searchCMSThe partner、Dr Peng many Internet service providers such as telecommunications media group partners,As a good faith management years of Internet companies,WangMengITFor many enterprises and partners,To build affordable network company,Anyang region systemSEMSearch engine marketing service network company,Anyang region take the lead in setting up electric business network technology companies,One-stop e-commerce company。WangMengITHave experience of successful cooperation with hundreds of enterprises,We continue to consistently stick to the good faith,stay true to the missio,Efforts to create business value and social value of enterprises。More service welcome consultation:0372-2991035   3777035


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The company address : The southern section of anyang city wenfeng akira road south anyang city industrial and commercial bureau

Phone service : 0372-2991035

Phone service : 0372-3777035

The manager hotline : In the 186 s25812386

QQ The mailbox : 1805084939

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Anyang WangMeng information technology co., LTD(WangMengIT)Founded in2012Years

WangMeng website promotion center  WangMeng WeChat operations center  WangMeng electricity business school

Phone service:0372-2991035  3777035   The manager hotline:In the 186 s25812386

The service address:The southern section of anyang city wenfeng akira road south anyang city industrial and commercial bureau

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