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Wenzhou one lu electronic commerce secretary co., LTD. Is the wenzhou city administration of industry and commerce approved the establishment of professional industrial and commercial registration and registration of wenzhou financial agent service company。Company with“Customer first,Quickly and efficiently,Reasonable and lawful”For the purpose,Remove the trouble back at home for thousands of companies,Also won the customer's great trust and support。The company consists of senior business management consultants and financial experts,Companies and business administration at all levels,Tax administration departments have good relations of cooperation,To ensure timely and effective to deal with all kinds of industrial and commercial tax affairs;The company also has a composed of on-the-job or cadres at various levels by the departure of clean and efficient of the panel,To provide policy in time、Consulting services for examination and approval of law and government approval。Wenzhou one lu electronic commerce secretary co., LTD. Mainly deal with all kinds of wenzhou registered company,The company registered address,Registered company in Hong Kong、A capital increase、The changes、All kinds of agent service business。
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Wenzhou registered company

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