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11Annual operating wholesale and retail of steel

With several steel companies to form strategic cooperative partnership

Products are complete in specifications,Quality assurance,The optimal performance-price ratio

7*24Hours considerate considerate service

Focus on service,Involved in industry widely,100%The customer satisfaction

experience11YearsWholesale and retail of steel

Strict macro engaged in steel sales,Has become a steel enterprises in Shanxi Province

Focus on steel,It happenedVast resources advantage

Experienced staff and advanced equipment,Advanced technology

Address is located in taiyuan city xinghua west street, tianrui steel marketAArea45Number

High-speed intersection near east clubs,The geographical position is superior,The channel is smooth,The transportation is convenient

Cooperation With several steel companies Form strategic cooperative partnership

The company perennial clad steel、Taiyuan、LinGang、Days steel and so on each big steel mill products

Have broad resource advantage,Enjoy preferential price policy each big steel mills

Expanding market share,Annual sales of billions of dollars

Strict macro management products can guarantee each big steel mill primary raw materialsPrimary raw material

Species ProductsVarieties complete specifications,Quality assurance/b>

Strict macro steel varieties complete specifications,Unique product channels,The savings to the customer

The products are qualified certificate of quality,Quality guaranteed

The company equipped with advanced plasma cutting machine、The forklift truck and other auxiliary equipment

Over the years focused on hot-rolled coil, to provide you with carbon steel、Open the tablet、In the thick plate、Container plate、Boiler plate、Angle of groove, and other products wholesale and retail services

ServiceFocus on service,Involved in industry widely,Customer satisfaction

Strict macro can provide you with the second processing services:Kaiping、Cutting、Packaging, etc

Experienced team of professionals,One-on-one one-stop service to provide you with steel of purchasing,Timely answer problem solving for clients

Flexible order processing ability,To meet customer demand

Guidance of stainless steel to use,Solve various problems

Professional customer service7*24Online,Any quality problem,Strict macro rapid solution for you

Shanxi strict macro trade co., LTD

Shanxi topped the macro trade co., LTD. Is a wholesale、Retail steel tubes、Profiles、The plank、Construction materials mainly integrated steel trading company。The company was started2006Years,Ten years of development history,In north China is a large collection of wholesale、Retail as one of the steel trade group co., LTD。The company perennial clad steel、Taiyuan、LinGang、Days steel、Tangshan、Anshan、Wuxi、Shandong、Hangang、Jinan、Jisco、Hisin、ChangGang and so on each big steel mill products,Have broad resource advantage,Enjoy preferential price policy each big steel mills。The variety is complete,In order to achieve a high-volume, low-margin business,Mutually beneficial win-win,Altogether...

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Shanxi seamless tube manufacturer to introduce for you:Seamless tubeShanxi seamless tube manufacturer to introduce for you:Seamless tube

Shanxi strict macro trade co., LTD(13513619789)Is wholesale、Retail steel tubes、Profiles、The plank、Construction materials mainly integrated steel trading company,There are mainly taiyuan pattern plate,Open the tablet,In the thick plate,Rolled plate,Taiyuan beams,HSteel,Angle steel,Channel steel,Taiyuan... [Detailed content]

All kinds of seamless pipeAll kinds of seamless pipe

All kinds of seamless tube use seamless steel tube,Because of its USES different can be divided into the following several varieties:GB/T8162-1999(Structure with seamless steel tubes)。Mainly used for the general structure and the mechanical structure。It represents material(Brand):Carbon steel20、45The number of steel;... [Detailed content]

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