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Hi chongqing hutch is a major professional catering enterprises of chongqing hot pot bed charge,Set product research and development、Wholesale and processing,Have their own production of hot pot bed charge factory,The unity of the professional production line,Efficient distribution in and out of the storehouse...

Authentic chongqing flavor


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Good raw materials Good taste

Gold medal service

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Chongqing taste,Achievement catering dream!
Dekang flavor industry, the success of your restaurant dream!

Hot pot bed charge,One thousand people eat and drink,Soaring ten thousand wine。Hope each inside and outside,The vast hotel,On the up and down,Traffic flow。Baidu map,Scott navigation,Mountain city wants to compare with。Look at the crowds,Early to bed late,Inside to wait in line。 Hot pot is so delicious,Countless version bow in homage。Oil base,Natural fresh fragrance,Clear soup base,Nourishing the stomach kidney,Butter base,The oldest,Generation of MeiWa fish head,Sweet and not greasy、Spicy but not dry。All in the past,Theory of hot pot base,Still have to endure。

Capsicum frutescens var

Natural raw materials
Fine processing

Chinese prickly ash
The butter
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