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  • 2017-7-17
    Recommendations to reduce natural rubber import tariffs
    A、Reduce import tariffs on natural rubber 1.Serious shortage of domestic natural rubber Natural rubber apparent consumption in our country of the world production of natural rubber40%The left and right sides。Restricted by geographical location,The natural rubber planting area is limited,The annual output has maintained for years60Wan~80Ten thousand tons,About all...
  • 2017-7-17
    Suggestions to improve and strengthen the tire product standards
    According to the statistics,2016In the tire production6.1Article one hundred million,The commercial vehicle tyres1.21Article one hundred million,Passenger car tires4.44Article one hundred million,Bias tyre4500Article ten thousand,Meridian mineralization rate of products92%,Exports accounted for40%The left and right sides。Although the scale of production,But our country is not tire industrial powers。...
  • 2017-7-17
    When rubber and tire market“Balance”
    2016Years9In the beginning,A sudden reversal of rubber market,Demand price rise all the way,But the recent price back sharply again;The tyres in the face of the United States“Two-handed backhand”In the situation,Operating at higher instead,At the end of last year companies to raise prices,Rally so far。Why this round of market formation,Rally can last...

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    Company profile
    Ningguo city xingyuan rubber products co., LTD., formerly known as ningguo county xingyuan packing factory,Founded in1994Years,2008To register for ningguo city xingyuan rubber products co., LTD,The company is located in beautiful scenery of anhui ningguo city southeast of ecological city,The company now has total assets3600Ten thousand yuan,Employees90More than one。Products are mainly based on mechanical rubber parts and automotive rubber parts for the leading。 My company technical well-equipped,With a strong technology development and innovation ability,To be able to meet the strategic needs and forms a synchronous development,Company with“Precision design、An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure、Continuous improvement、The pursuit of quality”As the quality policy,Gradually improve and perfect quality control and management system,Have passedISO9000、ISO\TS16949Quality management system certification。 The company has always been adhering to the innovation and steady development...

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