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Company profile

Shunyuan car rental co., LTD., is committed to through the refinement of high quality service and high-grade perfect hardware facilities, service to the society from all walks of life,Shunyuan car rental co., LTD. All the year round to the enterprises and institutions、Group、Personal to provide high quality、High quality、Driver generation drive of high technology,Car rental business。Main business including tour charter、Drive the car、Commercial vehicles, The wedding car,Generation of car service,Members may provide wine offspring driving services free of charge。

Simple and easy to formalities,According to your needs,Tailored pick up for you、Car door, etc,Flexible formalities,To deal with quickly。I can feel every moment along the rental source of warmth,Perfect quality products。 Shunyuan rental to provide clients with long rent、Short rent car rental services,Wedding generation,Car attached,Generation of tourism,Business generation,Wine offspring driving。

Recommended models

Models show

  • Rolls-Royce-The old car

    Rolls-Royce-The old car

  • Porsche  ¥1800Yuan

    Porsche ¥1800Yuan

  • BMW  ¥800Yuan

    BMW ¥800Yuan

  • Mercedes BenzGLK ¥1600Yuan

    Mercedes BenzGLK ¥1600Yuan

  • BMW car team

    BMW car team

  • Saloon car team

    Saloon car team

  • Buick businessgl8-550(A new car)

    Buick businessgl8-550(A new car)

  • 32A tour bus-1800Yuan

    32A tour bus-1800Yuan

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