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About us

Shenyang bestowed li cheng restaurant management co., LTD

Shenyang bestowed li cheng catering management co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Promotion、Management and its derivative project for the integration of the national、Professional catering chain enterprises,The main sun lili roast pig's feet、The rich young master bone chicken feet,Very thirst drinks,Boarding chicken wings and so on dozens of food and beverage brands。The sun lili roast pig's feet for many times“Shenyang's top ten popular snacks”“Shenyang cows break food than before”Such as honor。Have client stores nearly hundred throughout the country,In liaoning,Ji Li,In heilongjiang province,Inner Mongolia,Shandong,Beijing,Hebei,Henan,Guangdong,Fujian,Zhejiang,Sichuan province,In jiangxi province,In hunan province,Hubei,Yunnan province,Anhui province,Gansu, etc18Provinces and autonomous regions。Employment support thousands of family business,Has a modern central kitchen,To lead the business,To support business,Incubation brand to give priority to。Always adhering to the“Altruism、Achievement、Win-win situation”The core values,Actively develop green food and beverage,Focus on originality creating first-class catering chain brand。

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The name of the company:Shenyang bestowed li cheng restaurant management co., LTD

Negative Accountability People:Manager li

The mobile phone:18640221803

Contact phone number:4009999095


The ground The address:Shenhe district in shenyang north along the city road137Number11Floor
  • Exquisite technology

    High technology

    Sun lili roast pig's feet2015, launched in all kinds of snacks after the strict market research,Strictly control the proportion of allocation,To launch a new taste,The new product,Get the customer approval. 

  • Low cost of investment

    Less investment

    Low cost

    Leisure snack small investment、Risk is small、The operation is simple、Quick effect、Flexibility、Don't have the advantages of liquidity, and other industry。Many consumers widely snacks,Relatively profitable,Risk is extremely low;But can small investment,There is no age limit,As long as you work hard,Diligence,With our Great Wall very fragrant and reliable technology,Can let you soar freely in the leisure snack kingdom。

  • Business advantage/Price advantage

    Operating advantage

    Price advantage.

    Sun lili roast pig's comprehensive unified decorate a style,The unification of training and management style,Greatly increase the recognition of the brand,The increase rate of customers to choose;We have a professional marketing team,Propaganda to provide strong support for your store;The price aspect,Sun lili roast pig's feet are adapt to popular price,Pig developed a variety of tastes,Taste is more complete in the future,The material and the meet you open a shop,You adapt to the local customer needs。

  • High profit space

    High profit

    Only10Shop around,Less decoration, and the rent cost。Its development situation than even“Big eat”Faster。The advantage of snacks is obvious:Simple、Convenient、Easy to understand、A novel、Unique flavor、The popularization、Wide audience。

——    service items    ——


  • Chicken feet
  • Dazzle colour chicken
  • Secret Fried pig's feet
  • The devil spicy pig's feet

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Obtain honor


Production process


Joining process

——    SERVICE    ——

To provide services

The shop's assessment

To grasp the market dynamics,Anytime, anywhere on the market,According to the requirements of your feasibility analysis of shops、Risk and profit and loss balance。

Planning operations

Maintain and promote the brand image,Free store decoration design and promotion plan。

Professional training and guidance for free

One technical training and other systematic training operations management,Professional guidance teachers to shop,Fully meet the quality and service,To ensure the smooth opening。

After-sales service

No problem,Headquarters coordinate to solve,Let franchisees have no trouble back at home,Permanent enjoy products category、Taste、Management upgrade guide。

Logistics transport

Formulate long-term cooperation in logistics,Reduce the transportation cost,Ensure that all materials arrive on time。

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News center

Industry newsINDUSTRY

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