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  • Production base

    Production base

    With a total investment of2One hundred million yuan
    Cover an area of an area4Million square meters

  • Production equipment

    Production equipment

    15Large Haitian injection molding machine、
    9Blow molding machine and a large number of first
    Into the development of testing equipment

  • The technical team

    The technical team

    Inheritance50Years of experience in plastic technology research and development team

  • Certificate of honor

    Certificate of honor

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Guangdong Hui hong plastic technology co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as Hui hong science and technology)Founded in2013Years10Month28Day,By a50Years of history of us-funded enterprises, guangdong province, guangzhou city plastic industrial group co., LTD. Invested wholly state-owned subsidiary。Hui hon technology as wide plastic group and guangzhou light industry &trade group co., LTD., production demonstration base,With a total investment of2One hundred million yuan,Cover an area of an area4Million square meters,Is a production of manufacturing enterprises,Relying on scientific research、Production、Sales and service,Aspires to be a model of industry outstanding enterprises。

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