Thai AnKaiLing elevator

10YearsFocused on the elevator engineering、Stereo garageThe elevator salesCustomThe installationTransformationMaintenance

Free of chargeTelephone counseling service 15621596111

Thai AnKaiLing elevator advantageCombination of Chinese and foreign enterprisesThe certificate of qualification is complete10Years old elevator manufacturing enterprises

KaiLingThree to evade,Allows you to sit on100%Security、The elevator zero malfunction

Win-win co-operation,Product quality is guaranteedWin-win co-operation,Product quality is guaranteedLong-term with domestic and foreign well-known brand enterprises to establish strategic cooperation suppliers system,Pay attention to functional and aesthetic and safety standards

The construction of standardization,Products run unobstructedThe construction of standardization,Products run unobstructedEvery worker after brand manufacturers strict training related certificates,And in strict accordance with the standard installation construction。

Security assessments on a regular basis,Ensure zero faultSecurity assessments on a regular basis,Ensure zero faultAll all can enjoy KaiLing elevator customization project,Free and safe assessment twice a month a year testing services,Avoid problems timely。

ProductsThrough trainEach model of the elevator is on-demand customization

Product categoriesPassenger elevator / Sightseeing elevator / Medical elevator / The fire lift / Home elevator / Freight elevator / Car elevator/

Product categoriesService lift/Escalator/Automatic sidewalks/

【To learn more】Company profileAbout Us

Thai AnKaiLing elevator

Thai AnKaiLing elevator co., LTD

  Thai AnKaiLing elevator co., LTD., is specialized in elevator sales、The installation、Maintenance, etc,At the same time operating stereo garage、The elevator spare parts sales。The company is located in shandong province Tai\u2019an City daiyue district zhuang town,Kyle is Singapore holding company and Singapore LingDian elevator elevator manufacturing co., LTD., with twenty years、Installed in the history of shandong province east of elevator co., LTD., joint venture set up sino-foreign joint ventures,In the company2011Years10Month8 The day was registered and put into production,Is a collection of stereo garage elevators and design、Manufacturing、Sales、The installation、Maintenance and repair、Maintenance、Transformation in the integration of sino-foreign joint ventures。Since the establishment of the company has successively obtained by the state quality and technical supervision, inspection and quarantine issued by the elevator、Mechanical parking equipment design、Manufacturing、The installation、Transformation、MaintenanceAAAClass aptitude、1S09001Quality management system certification、1S014001Environmental management system certification、OHSAS18001Occupational health and safety management system certification、1S010012Measurement management system certification,And has a number of invention patents。

More and moreThe elevator display

Passenger elevator
Small machine room passenger elevator
Capability machineroomless passenger elevator
Sightseeing elevator
Machineroomless scenic elevator
It rooms medical elevator
Machineroomless medical elevator
The fire lift
Home elevator
Have a room freight elevator
Machineroomless freight elevator
There is room car elevator
Machineroomless elevator car
Service lift

More and moreInstall the case

Apartment elevator installation case
Pharmaceutical companies elevator installation
Gold water front area elevator installation case
Biotechnology company elevator installation
Elevator installation case factory
The elevator installation case
The hotel elevator installation
Residential building elevator installation
High-rise residential elevator installation
Small high-rise elevator installation

More and moreEnterprise style

Display equipment
Display equipment
Workshop presentation
Display equipment
Display equipment
Display equipment
Display equipment
Enterprise style
Enterprise style
The elevator installation:


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