Zhongshan zhijun feng printing industrial co., LTD

  Founded in1988Years,Consistent and sincere、The spirit of the professional is committed to development of flexible packaging industry,Excellence strive to perfect;To the1997Played a decisive change in company,In the business direction and investment of equipment are the substantial change,Professional do the trademark label printing。
  Zhongshan is mainly engaged in various types of tags to produce,Operates in drinking water、Drink、Daily chemical industry、Daily food and oil industry;The main customers:Coca-Cola、Danone pulsation、Guangzhou white、Golden dragon fish oil、Hainan coconut trees、Nestle、Zhongshan lam chrysanthemum, and so on。
  Has the Italian equipment"The mitt"Flexo machine10Color and12Each one color,Have double screen and double cold wave and high-speed circular knife die cutting, and other production process,Mainly used for each type The adhesive label printing。The quality in Israel"AVT"All inspection equipment,To make every label quality is guaranteed。In addition,Which has five high-speed printer intaglio printing,One of them6A color machine,8Three color machines...
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