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     Changshu light pump industryCo., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、Sales、Maintenance for the integration of high-tech enterprises,Companies leading products forJSeriesMetering pump,Main plunger type、Mechanical diaphragm type、All sorts of model such as hydraulic diaphragm type thousands of;The company also producesJYDosing deviceAll kinds of environmental protection equipment products and water treatment equipment, etc。
     The company has advanced production technology and equipment,Rigorous testing process,Pay attention to technology innovation,And the institute of China university of mining resources and environment,The original chemical ministry, Shanghai chemical industry research institute,Hefei general machinery research institute of technology to develop hand in hand,The first prize in the state environmental protection product,By the national environmental protection bureau as a practical technology(AClass)Instruction。
     The company is located in jiangnan water paradise——Suzhou changshu town。The world famous city in the south pearl——Shanghai,In the north of the Yangtze river,By suzhou taihu lake fairyland,Convenient traffic beautiful environment。At present, the company employees560People,Companies adhering to the“Strives for the survival by the quality,Development with prestige”The company policy,PassedISO9001:9002Quality management system certification,Formed the spirit of unity,Innovation,Enterprising advanced management team。
     The company has perfect after-sales service system,Wholeheartedly for the general customers warmly service,We sincerely invite friends from all walks of life both at home and abroad to visit guidance。

    JSeries metering pump which is also called proportional pump、Quantitative pump or the controllable positive displacement pump,Is liquid transportation、Flow control Pressure control multi-functional combination,Joint types pump head can transport all kinds of flammable、Explosive、Highly toxic、Radioactive、Strong corrosive medium,It is widely used in oil、Chemical industry、Pharmaceutical、Oil refining、Food、Environmental protection、Electric power、Scientific research and other industries。
The characteristic:
    1.The pump performance is superior,The diaphragm metering pump is absolutely not leaked,Safety performance is high,Measurement precision,Traffic can range from zero to maximum norm value range can be adjusted,Pressure can be arbitrarily chosen from atmospheric pressure to the maximum allowable scope。
    2.Adjust the visual clarity,Work smoothly、No noise、Small volume、Light weight、Maintenance is convenient,Can be used in parallel。
    3.The pump variety、The whole performance、For delivery-30Degrees450Degrees,For the viscosity0-800mm/s,The highest discharge pressure can reach64Mpa,Flow in the range0.1-20000L/h,In the measurement precision±1%Or less。
    4.This pump can manually adjust according to the technical requirement and the inverter control flow,Can realize remote control and computer automatic control。

     Note:Such as flow over20000L/h,Need to be customized!

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