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Deyang east star machinery manufacturing co., LTD. I wish you a happy New Year!18/02/09
I wish you in the New Year,The future,Money and treasures will be plentiful!17/01/17
I wish you all a customer happy National Day!16/09/28
2016In mechanical industry economy running smoothly as a whole Structure16/09/28
Xuzhou million are:Will expand the function of engineering machinery15/07/29
The machine heavy Wu Peiguo visit zhongjian machinery, chairman of jazz15/07/29
   Deyang east star machinery manufacturing co., LTD,Is a complete set of metallurgical equipment、Power plant equipment、Chemical equipment、Petroleum machinery equipment research、Manufacturing and related technology industry joint-stock enterprises。The company is located in China's major technical equipment base———Deyang city, sichuan province“Deyang city economic and technological development zone”(South road three days87Number),Cover an area of an area13Mu.
    Its predecessor is deyang east star machinery manufacturing co., LTD“China's second heavy machinery group co., LTD”Subordinates the secondary unit of legal person———“Double enterprise development co., LTD”!


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